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We’re on tour with The Savage One by B.L. Mute!EBOOK

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“You can’t be a queen in a crumbled kingdom…”


Even as Teddy’s child grows in my belly, I feel myself locked in the jaws of grief I can’t escape. But I can’t allow my emotions to distract me. A very real threat lurks in the shadows, eagerly waiting for me to let my guard down for even an instant. Cameron is out there somewhere—and it’s only a matter of time before he finds me. Lucas vowed to protect me, yet with each fluttering kick I feel, I’m reminded that I’m more vulnerable than ever.


Charlie was a liability to the family. But as the right hand to the mafia king, it wasn’t my job to question such things. I trusted Teddy and gave him the loyalty and respect he deserved. He ordered me to keep her safe, and that’s what I did. I never meant to fall for her, but with him gone, I will honor my word by keeping Charlie and his unborn child safe… no matter what it takes.

NOTE- Reader discretion is advised. This book contains mature content and themes some may find offensive, distressing and a potential trigger. Recommended for 18+. The Savage One is book three in the Hale Mafia Series. It is NOT a stand-alone. For the full story and experience, The Devious King and The Vengeful Queen should be read first.

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Meet BL

BL lives in north Texas with her husband and three children. She enjoys writing different sub genres of romance, and building flawed and broken characters. You can most likely find her mommy-ing, watching her husband cook (because she is a horrible chef), getting tattoos, or walking into the pole you’ve told her to watch out for. She loves interacting with her readers and other authors in the community. Friends and family classify her as fierce, loyal and ditsy at times.





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MY REVIEW: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

She feels lost, broken and alone but the three men that stand by her will get her through her loss and protect her and care for her. Charlotte had adjusted to her life with Teddy, but when the rug is pulled out from under her and she has to go into hiding, there is another man that she wants by her side. The problem is that Charlie shouldn’t want another man right now.

He has loved her and cared about her for a while now, but they’ve both fought the attraction and the feelings. Now that Charlie is a free woman, perhaps they can have a life together. The problem is they have to make sure that all of the threats against Charlie are neutralized and that she will be safe.

This was a quick paced story of a mafia queen and her loyal soldiers, but one of the soldiers is in love with the queen and he has to convince her that it’s okay to love again and move on in life. There are a lot of circumstances in their way, but they’ll fight side by side and find their happy place. I enjoyed the story and the characters in this story. Charlie is tough, scared, confused and determined. She’ll find peace and comfort, but it will take getting her hands dirty to do it. Lucas is a man that is determined to get what he wants and will fight for Charlie’s love and acceptance. I give this story a 4-star review and look forward to more of The Hale Mafia story.

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