Review of Thunder (Hell’s Handlers MC) by Lily Atlas @EJBookPromos @lillyatlas

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 4.5 out of 5

He’s the entertainer, the fun guy but he won’t give his heart to any woman. His childhood made sure of that. The new little waitress at the diner has his head all kinds of messed up though. Thunder has never had a real family so the MC men and their women are his family and he couldn’t be happier when he is patched into Hell’s Handlers MC. At his patching in party he thinks he might be able to get the waitress out of his system when he finds her behind the bar, so he tries to take her to bed, but she won’t give in.

Mackenna has too many responsibilities as a 23-year-old woman. Her 4 siblings have been her world for too many years and now that she is responsible for them and the roof over their heads and food on the table, she has to concentrate on her job and family. She can’t have a relationship because they may have to leave town on short notice, and she doesn’t want something to prevent her from thinking of her family. She has secrets and needs to keep her family safe at all costs.

I loved this story. It is a story of two people that come from a turbulent childhood that formed who they are now, but they both want more out of life. They are both afraid to take what they want because their hearts have been damaged in the past. The Hell’s Handlers have a lot going on. They are worried about another attack from a rival MC, yet they will always protect those that work for them or are a part of their family no matter what. The story was full of action, deception, dangerous men and strong, sassy women. The story is not the normal MC story of rival MC’s fighting, there is an added threat in this story, and I loved the way it was written. I give this story a 4.5-star review and look forward to more in the series. These characters are fun to read and the way the stories are written kept my attention throughout.

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