ARC Review: Jay (Texas Country Criminals, Book 3) by Bry Ann @AuthorBryAnn

Jay Now Live

JAY IS LIVE!!!! Eeek! Come meet Kailee and Jay 😊

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

So much heart and all the feels.

Jay doesn’t feel as if he fits into the mold of the Texas grown boy. He loves his family and doesn’t want to leave them, but he just doesn’t feel complete living in small town Texas, and he has never been the Texan wearing cowboy boots and hat. He’s part of the family business but that really isn’t even what he wants in life. The loss of Carson hit the family hard and he can’t bring himself to leave the family to move away, but how can he feel complete and have the life he wants if he stays in Texas? A happenstance meeting in a diner a town away could be his escape and his future. The trouble is that the tiny girl that doesn’t look like most of the other women in this town is shy and timid. Jay’s kindness and gentle nature could draw her out though.

Kailee is not your typical Texan. With her dark skin and head full of braids, she doesn’t look like most of the women in the small town she is hiding in. She’s a shy girl that is in hiding and it seems as though trouble follows her. She is hiding from a man that she thought she could always trust, but after a visit from the police that told her to go on the run, she is confused and doesn’t know what to believe anymore. The handsome, gentle man that comes into the diner she works in draws her. She’s attracted to him, but she knows that if she gets involved, she may have to leave at any time. Her presence and draw to Jay could be the end for the Shelby family though, and she can’t allow that.

I love Bry Ann’s stories. They are always full of Alpha men, kindhearted men, and strong, beautiful women that bring these tough guys to their knees and Jay did not disappoint with these characteristics. Jay is tough just like his brothers, but he has a softer heart and his relationship with Iris is testament to that softness. All of the Shelby boys adore Iris, their little sister and protect her vehemently, but Jay and Iris are closer in age and he gave her the nickname Nemo. Jay’s kind heart shows when he first sees Kailee and notices her timid personality and shyness. He’s gentle, kind, and soft with her and the chemistry between these two is off the charts, just like Kingston and Blythe, and Hunter and Taylor.

Bry Ann always leaves me wanting more of her stories and I love all of her characters. Her books are full of action, suspense, danger, great characters, and so many feels it’s hard to get through her books without shedding tears. I give this story a 5-star review and want to tell you that you need to one-click this book today. I have read all of her books and she is one of my authors that I can’t wait to read.

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