Review of Inheritance: A Dark Romance (Fragile Ties Book 2) by Jennifer Bene



⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 4.5 out of 5

She could gain more than the money and business her father owned, but will it be worth it?

The second book in the Fragile Ties series continues on with David and Lianna’s story and the turmoil they are going through over Lianna’s family in France and David’s desire to keep her save and protect her from the Faure family. He wants to protect her from the danger they present. However, if he keeps her from her family, he could lose her for good.

David only knows hate and his mind won’t change when it comes to the Faure family and Lianna’s father, even though he’s now gone. Lianna is drifting and feeling lonely, so when her uncle shows up, she has a hard time turning him away and wants more answers than what she has gotten from David. The only trouble is, she isn’t sure who to believe and she’s hurting David by speaking to her uncle.

I enjoyed this second part of the series but didn’t find it to draw me in like the first part, Destruction. While it has the intrigue, suspense and darkness of Destruction, it didn’t pull right in and draw my attention like the first book. With that being said, I still enjoyed the book and am looking forward to Redemption. I am actually excited to read Redemption. While the first part of the book didn’t pull me in and hold me prisoner to the book, the ending did. I am looking forward to reading how the Faure family will treat Lianna and David and if they are in as much danger as David seems to think they are. I give this book a 4.5-star review and recommend it to readers like mafia, suspense, danger, and dark desires. Ms. Bene knows how to write dark stories and this series does not disappoint at all.

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