ARC Review:Off Limits (Kings of Mayhem #5) by Penny Dee @GiveMeBooksPR


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5
I loved Ruger and Chastity’s story. It is a great story of two people who find each other when they are really not looking, but stumble into a relationship after a lot of denial.

Ruger is the Sgt. At Arms of the Kings of Mayhem and the brother in-law/best friend of the President, Bull. Even though Bull lost his wife these two are still very close. The relationship between Ruger and Chastity could end that friendship or Ruger’s life, but he doesn’t care, he’s all in with Chastity and knows she is his Queen.

Chastity Calley is the baby of the Calley family, the Kings of Mayhem Princess, if you will. Her father was the President, and one of her brothers is the Vice President. She is only 22 but she knows what she wants, and she is a strong headed young woman, so any arguments she may get from her Uncle Bull or her three older, alpha brothers will just fall on deaf ears. She is in love with Ruger and she will not follow any-one else’s orders.

This story was steamy, angsty and great. The build up to the relationship was angsty and once they got together the steam just flowed. The Kings of Mayhem are a family and they all take care of each other, even if they are mad at each other. The men are rough, Alpha, loyal, and treat their women as the Queens they should be. I give this story a 5-star review and suggest to reader who like MC, Alpha bikers, and strong women, you really need to one-click this book and the entire series to read. I always fall into these books because the characters are so likeable and fun to read about. They are such an awesome group of characters and I always feel like they are friends. I would love to be friends with these guys.

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