Ransom: Soulless Bastards MC Daytona Chapter – Pre-Order Now



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“So, let me get this straight. You no longer want to keep her as a hostage but you are keepin’ her?” Neo asks with his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes burning into me.

“Yeah, pretty much sums it up.” Triton laughs next to me but Rebel curses. I don’t give two shits what either of them think.

“And how the fuck do you plan on gettin’ what the club is owed? Did you forget that part?” Neo growls keeping his eyes trained on me. I shake my head because I haven’t forgotten that part.

“I’m goin’ after him, Prez. This shit is personal and you know why.”

“Yeah! I know why and I thought that was the point of takin’ her! Now you’re tellin’ me that you’re keepin’ the bitch and goin’ after her daddy? What the hell is goin’ on with you, Ransom?” Having heard enough of his shit, I shove out of my chair and stand in front of him.

“I’m not askin’ for your permission, Neo. This shit goes back before you were prez and you know it. I held myself together when Blade was in charge but now? Now I’m takin’ my life back. I’m doin’ this regardless and I’m not askin’ the club to back me on it.” Turning on my heel, I head out of the room and straight toward the bar. Piper sits with a bottle of water in her hand when she sees me coming.

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