*****Release G!VEAWAY*****

   All The KINGS Women is Live   

Lucas King is back, and he’s back with a vengeance.
If you love a twisted, dark tale with an ending that’ll blow your mind, meet the King. I’m so proud of this duet, I hope you love (hate) Lucas as much as I do.

Go here to enter >> http://gvwy.io/0yx32hc

“Lucas “MF’en” King! So many things are unfolding, Murder, Sex, Corruption. Who can be trusted? A wonderful suspense book, with some page burning sex scenes! This is definitely a page-turner!” Lisa, Goodreads Reviewer

Amazon >> mybook.to/ATKW

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Both #FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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They hated me, it wasn’t a secret.
Hell, I would too, I’m a bastard.
But they loved me more.
Five women are dead because of that.
They tried to pin a murder on me ten years ago.
They didn’t succeed. This time, they just might.
There was only one thing that saved me then,
The only one I’ll do everything in my power to protect.

In the secret world of the wealthy where nothing is forbidden,
everything comes with a price.
Sex. Power. Murder.
Lucas King pushed Evelyn away ten years ago to save her.
This time, the only way to keep her safe is to
claim her.
In a race against time amid lies, corruption, and every dark desire money can buy, Lucas must catch the killer who’s leaving a trail of dead women.
Straight to him.
Evelyn is the only woman who matters.
Now the killer is coming for her. Can Lucas save her, or will the ultimate trophy be claimed,
destroying Lucas and his empire?

**18+, mfm, romantic thriller, contemporary womens, crime thriller**

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