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One mistake. A lifetime of regret.

It tempts you, taunts you, and makes you do evil things because everything has a price.
Especially revenge.
But no amount of money can erase the past.
It can’t fix the broken.
And it will never return what’s been lost.
So I watch and track and plan and wait.
Because the thieves eventually return.
And I will make them pay.

Life was far from perfect, but at least it was soaked with cash.
That is, until I changed the game.
I upped the ante and played it hard.
But not smart.
I trusted the wrong people.
I put greed before common sense.
And lost everything.
Now there’s a debt to be paid to the man I stole from.
He’s given me one chance to make things right.
Or he’ll destroy me.
But little does he know,
He already has.

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