Review of Second Sight (Away From Keyboard Collection, Book #4) by Patricia D. Eddy @patriciadeddy @HiddenGemsBooks

Second Sight

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 4.5 out of 5

After being rescued by his team mate and best friend from Hell, Dax Holloway is still living that Hell, but he also runs a security and protection company. It’s been six years since he was rescued, but the torture he went through in the hands of the enemy while serving his country changed his life forever. He will never be the same man again. He doesn’t feel whole anymore, but his company does well and the team he has around him are all ex-military or CIA. When a woman comes to them for protection, he doesn’t know why she sounds upset with him. His friend and second in command, Ford, tells him that Evianna has no idea of his disability and was upset that she thought he was dismissive of her fears.

Evianna Archer is a woman who holds a powerful position in a tech company, and she has to fight constantly to get the respect she deserves for her position as well as for her abilities. She needs protection because someone is threatening her. She is amenable to the plan that Second Sight has to keep her safe and protect her, as well as find out who is threatening her.

When Ford Lawton, Dax’s second in command gets a phone call about a situation concerning someone important to him, he will have to hand the job of protecting Evianna over to Dax. Since they are shorthanded currently, Dax will have to get back into the field. He’s not sure of his abilities to keep Evianna safe anymore.

The suspense, twists, and strength in this story are why I gave this story a 4.5-star review. While Dax didn’t think he would be able to protect Evianna, they worked together and were able to keep safe and get away from the danger. When Evianna shows Dax that he is so much more than he thinks, they both become stronger. Dax finds that he is more even with his disability and finds a way to accept who he is. I love the characters and the story line. Dax has a lot to overcome in this story, but with the help of his friends and Evianna he finds a way to move on with his life and be a new man.

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