Review of Missing in Action (Task Force 779, Book 1) by K. L. Donn @rrrpromotion @readreviewrpt @author_kldonn #TuesdayBookBlog

Young female legs walking towards the sunset on a dirt road

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

A steamy, sexy, heartbreaking, and beautiful story.

Ryder Morrison is a man who has been to hell and back. He was held in captivity while serving his country and left for dead. He’s loyal, tech savvy, scarred, and determined. He’s anxious to get back to work after recovering from his ordeal but is he ready to go back into the field and face the dangers he’ll be thrust into again? After finally meeting his reclusive neighbor one night, in the middle of the night, his life could take a big turn, but will it be for the good or bad?

Codie Ray is a woman who lives for her fears after a tragedy that left her scarred on the inside. She doesn’t talk to anyone other than the people to make deliveries to her for work or groceries, she doesn’t leave her house, nor does she ever go outside of her house. One incident that will scare her more than she already is will change her life forever. She wants someone to lover her and she would really like to be a normal person, but she can’t see that ever happening.

Being someone who has felt the pain of loss like Codie, I could so empathize with her. I felt her pain and her loss. The loss that she had to deal with is awful and not an easy thing to overcome at times. This story was so beautifully written, and I loved how Ryder was able to help Codie be the person she was meant to be and find her place in the world. It is amazing how love can heal and help us in our darkest times. Two broken people who find each other and are able to become whole again. Make sure you have tissues handy when reading this story. I give this story a 5-star review and highly recommend it to readers who like to read stories about military, suspense, dangerous men, and just beautiful love stories. I look forward to more stories in this series and reading about the women who will bring these men down a notch.

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