Review of Wolf: A Bad Boy Military MC Romance, by Simone Scarlet @simonescarlet


Jason “Wolf” Wulf is a man who is living in a small town in Colorado trying to keep his head down and not get into trouble. He’s retired from the Rangers and the Knuckleheads and now running his grandfather’s garage in small town Colorado. He lives a simple life with his German Shepherd Boomer and fixes the few cars that need it. He’s lived here for around a year and has attracted little attention. The one person that he has attracted is the lone female police officer, Deputy Stephanie Hanson.

Deputy Stephanie Hanson has wanted to be a police officer her entire life. She has accomplished that dream, but not everyone is happy with her being in the position. After a crazy break-up with her ex-boyfriend, almost fiancé, her popularity in town took a nose dive. She lived her dream in the small town, but it wasn’t exactly as she had hoped it would be.

Wolf’s past has shown up in town and danger is lurking. He has no clue about what is coming his way or why. Deputy Hanson started a land slide with her curiosity, and one little search caused the death of one man and the possibility of four of others. Will help show up in time to help these four out, or will their dreams for their futures come to an end in one day?

This book has political turmoil, suspense, and a sexy bad boy biker. It wasn’t as intense as El Leon, but the scene around the police station was pretty close. The characters were a mixture of intense and sometimes young. I give this story a 4-star review. If as a reader, you like bikers, retired military, and characters with heat, then you should pick up this book and read it. The Knuckleheads are bad boy bikers with honor for their country.

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