Review of Bad Boy Blues by Saffron A. Kent @GiveMeBooksPR and @thesaffronkent

Bad Boy Blues Available Now

A story of love, hate, bullying, and finding the power within oneself.

Cleopatra “Blue” Paige is a young woman who is trying to hold onto the past after she has been orphaned and left homeless. She is from the side of town that has had to work for what they have, and her parents did work hard. After her a tragic accident, she wants to get her home back that she grew up in with her loving parents. In order to do that though, she will have to work for the one person that made her life miserable in school. She is sentimental, strong, sassy, and a woman who stands up for others when they are being wronged. A childhood of being bullied has taught her to be compassionate towards those that need a champion in their life.

Zachariah Prince is the son of the founding family of Princetown, and he is also the one man who can destroy Blue’s dreams. He comes from a rich family that has many secrets, and they own the town. He didn’t have a loving childhood like Blue did, and he took out his frustration and hatred towards those who hurt him on Blue, making her life miserable. His friends at school were all rich just like his family and they treated anyone from the wrong side of town as though they were lower than the dirt they walked on.

This story hits a lot of tough subjects that kids go through in life, and it shows how someone who is humiliated, bullied, and treated with disrespect is actually the stronger person as well as the person who holds the power. The power they hold is the ability to move past the bullying, disrespect and humiliation and be the person they are meant to be. These characters have to find their way to the right side of life and being the person they were meant to be. These two find that with each other and they have a beautiful story.

I give this story a 4.5-star review and highly recommend it to any reader who enjoys stories with strong characters who find their way in life, young love, and the power to move on from the life that has brought you down.

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