ARC Review of El León: A Bad Boy Romance by Simone Scarlet

⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5

Wow! This story starts off with a sexy tryst and pulls you right in. It’s full of danger, family drama, and hot, sexy men.

Valerie Mendoza’s story is not a nice one, but she is able to find a happy life now. A woman who was tricked into going to Mexico with a boyfriend who turned out to be a real loser, she is acquired by the head of the Mendoza Cartel and finds the love she has been looking for. Her parents visit from Arizona and stress their worry for her and their grandson, Francis, living a life in the Cartel.

Arellano El León Mendoza has finally found something worth living for. Being the head of a Cartel is not a safe life, but he will do whatever it takes to stay alive and keep his wife Valerie and their son Francis safe. He’s found a way to ensure that he is not the only man to protect them and ensure their safety, he two lieutenants will protect them with their lives as well. While away from his compound, visiting Valerie’s parents in Cancun, they will encounter danger and escape death, not only once, but twice.

This story was a quick read for me. It was a fast-paced book that takes the reader from a nice family vacation with some drama to more drama while the family has to run for their lives and seek shelter to keep out of the sights of someone who wants to harm them.

I enjoyed this story and give it a 4-star review. If you are a reader who enjoys hot, sexy, Alpha males, and stories of cartels and danger, I highly recommend this story. The cover is quite sext too.

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