Review of Consuming Fire by Catherine Ferns @rararesources @metalmamawrites #TuesdayBookBlog

Wow! This was quite the story. A story of death, destruction, and evil that left me wanting so much more.

Liverpool is going through a dangerous heat wave and there are strange incidents happening as well. Detective Inspector Darren Swift is working diligently to find out what is causing the apparent cases of spontaneous combustion, and he will contact his friend Helen, who was a nun until recently.

Dr. Helen Hope was a Calvinist nun until a recent situation had her rethinking her future. She is now working as a Lecturer at the University and enjoys research on religious matter. After DI Swift calls her for help on his new case, she finds herself immersed in another case where her religious knowledge and research lead to the unthinkable and bizarre.

Helen and DI Swift were first introduced to each other in Catherine Fearns first book Reprobation. DI Swift worked with Helen in that case as well. These two have a tendency to work on their own to solve a case as well as with each other. They both have a mindset of wanting to find the truth by and needing to find the truth. They work well together, and they have become close friends.

Consuming Fire is Catherine Fearns’ second published book and it’s just as good as her first. It is very well written, and it pulled me in from the very beginning of the book and kept my attention throughout the entire story. I will say that I was crushed at the end. I really need more of this story and the conclusion. I loved how she incorporated Ars Adramelechum throughout the story.

I give this story a 5-star review and highly recommend it to anyone who likes police procedural, suspense and the thrill of figuring out who the criminal is, having the pieces of the puzzle fall into place to help the characters find their answers and close a case. In my opinion, this was another great story by Catherine Fearns and I can’t wait to read more.

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