Review of: Beasts & Bourbon: Top Shelf Series Book #5, by Alta Hensley @GiveMeBooksPR and @AltaHensley

Another steamy story about one of the owners of Spiked Roses, this one is about Roman a Prince who is nearing 30 years old and is ready to marry the woman who was promised to him as a young boy, Cherise “Cheri”. Before they can marry though, Cheri has to go through an initiation to be fully engrossed into Prince Roman’s world.

Roman, like the other men that he owns Spiked Roses with, is an alpha male who gets what he wants and will do what it takes to keep the woman who is to be his and keep her safe. Cheri will be put through some tough things in order to be a complete part of Roman’s life. These tests will test both Roman and Cheri’s will and their emotional strength. Will they both survive and get out with their lives?

I enjoyed this story but felt that it was shorter than the others in the series that I’ve read. There were some unanswered questions for me. How do the members of The Iron Colt Brotherhood react to Cheri’s initiation? Were they willing to let her go and did they feel that she passed it without any issues?

The men that own Spiked Roses are men who are powerful, alpha, and lead secretive lives. Roman’s story is full of hot sex scenes. It is sexy and steamy, the same as Alta Hensley’s other Top Shelf stories. I give this book a 3.5-star review and recommend it to anyone who likes Alpha Billionaires who live secret lives and get what or who they want all the time.

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