Review of: Stone Kings Motorcycle Club (bundle) by Daphne Loveling

I purchased this collection after reading the prequel Stone. I enjoyed the four stories in this collection and really liked the characters. I have to say that I liked Trig’s and Cal’s stories the best though. I loved how we saw them both grow so much and change. They were different in their changes and Cal grew so much from the beginning of the series, it was great to see it.

In the first book Rush, we are introduced to all of the guys in the series through Seton and Grey’s story. Grey is the son of Stone, from the prequel. He is now President of the Stone King’s MC. It was nice to see the progression of Grey and Seton’s relationship and learn who they were and how their lives intertwined. He is a man who doesn’t just react to keep his brothers happy, he waits until he has all the information before he will strike for payback.

In the second book Crash, the story continues from parts of Rush, but we also get to learn Levi’s back story and his love interest. This story kept my mind going a mile a minute hoping that they would realize the danger that they were putting themselves in. Levi was sought out by Cherish for help and protection. Little does he know when he first meets her that she is from his past. A past that no in his present knows anything about and that he has been trying to run from and forget since he escaped.

In the third book Ride, Trig is given a second chance at both life and love. As the VP of the MC, he is a man who has a life that he loves. He can have sex whenever he wants with whom ever he wants. However, his life will take a drastic turn because of this. He will learn that love is possible and that his heart is really big enough to love more than one girl. Eva, a girl from Trig’s past will show up in his present life and turn everything upside down for Trig. Her life will change quite a bit as well. I love how we could watch the progression of Trig’s changes in this story and I loved him by the end of the book.

In the fourth book Stand, Cal who his Seton’s little brother that we met in the first book, will show the most changes in this series. He was a young boy when we first met him and his actions showed that. However, joining the MC, getting patched in, and having the camaraderie of the brothers in the MC, he grew up and grew into a man that was responsible, kind, caring and, very possessive. I loved Cal’s and Andi’s story and I was so happy that their lives worked out for both of them and that they both had that one person they could count on.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes MC love stories and the suspense that they bring due to their lifestyle. I give this series a 4.5-star review. After reading this series, I purchased Ms. Loveling’s Lord of Carnage Series bundles. I have not started reading them yet, but I look forward to reading them. Ms. Loveling’s writing drew me in from the first page and kept me turning the pages. I look forward to reading more of her stories. I was first introduced to Ms. Loveling in the Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology when I read her story Rebel Ink. Another great read.

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