ARC Review of: Graveyard Girl, by Bry Ann @AuthorBryAnn #TuesdayBookBlog

Love this cover and the book!!

A Mafia Capo and a homeless girl find each other in the most bizarre way. Their story is a story of pain, passion, and finding love and happiness.

Marley, a young woman who lives on the street and takes in a few homeless children to care for on the street has had a rough life. She is almost feral in her actions when she first sees Frances. She will do most anything to survive on the streets and to feed the children she’s taken under her wing.

Frances is a Mafia Capo who likes to inflict pain and he gets off on it. He considers himself a Psychopath, but in this story we will find what’s underneath all of his psychotic actions and his real persona will emerge.

I loved this story as much as I have all of the other books before it; Roses & Thorns Series, Enzio, Cut, Shattered, and  Accepted & Rebuilt. The Mafia family these books revolve around are very different from what you would expect. While these books are about the men of the Mafia family in them, the women who these men find and fall in love with, are really the badasses in the stories. These women have been to hell and back. The love they find in these men really bring out the best of these women and the men find the best in themselves.

Marley’s story is so harsh, troubling, and yet done so well by Bry Ann. Everything that Marley has to endure is tough to read and yet, I found Marley to be just as much of a badass as Lacey. Her toughness, vulnerability, and the care she has for the children will draw her into your heart.

I love this story and am so happy that Marley’s story was written. I know that Frances is the character from the Mafia, but this story really makes me feel that it is Marley’s story. I give this story a 5 star review and look forward to so many more books with these characters. I love the letter at the end of the book too. It really shows how Marley was able to find herself and a good life.

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