Review of: Naked Truths, by Karen Botha @rararesources

Lucy a massage therapist meets the perfect man, or so she thinks. There are a lot of secrets surrounding her new client. She has a rule of not mixing business with pleasure but she can’t help herself when she meets Giles. 

He insinuates himself into her life and she feels that she has no other option than to give him a chance since she is attracted to him. The only problem is that he has secrets and one very big one that could ruin everything.

Lucy’s best-friend, Paula is a retired police detective and she just can’t leave the detective work behind when she has a feeling about Giles.

This story has suspense and several twists. Gile’s story has a lot of deceit and it could ruin everything for him with Lucy. Paula just can’t let things go so she will dig until she finds the truth. 

This was a good story and the ending certainly left me wondering what would happen in Lucy’s future. I give this story a 4 star review and recommend it to anyone who likes to solve crimes, yet doesn’t want the obvious solution to be right in front of them.

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