Review of “Saving Her”, by Bry Ann @AuthorBryAnn

Wow! This story crushed me!

Samantha Perkins, a young girl who is trying to raise enough money to help save her adoptive mom. She’s a hard worker and a young woman who keeps to herself, but she’ll do anything for the woman who took her and gave her a home at the age of six. Samantha closes herself off from the rest of the world as a safety mechanism for herself. She’s strong and stubborn, but she will meet someone who will show her that life is worth living and sharing. It will take her a while to realize this, but she will come around int he end. Unfortunately for her though, her life will go through many hard times and changes before she’ll get her happily ever after.

Logan Prescott, a lonely man who has the world by the tail but has no one to share it with. He has been in the public eye since he was a boy and has struggled with his own hardships in life, but he wants someone he can share his thoughts and worries with. Someone that cares for him as the person he is and not what he can give them because of his notoriety. He has his sister, but she has her own demons to slay and he can only share so much with her without destroying her, or so he thinks. Dana is stronger now and she is coming into her own as a young adult. His love and caring probably helped with that.

The feels in this story were all over the place. First there was the thought of “Sam, you damn fool” to “Yes, finally, you smartened up”, to  “Oh my god! No!” and everything in between.

This story was so well written for the content and it blew me away. I have read Bry Ann’s Roses & Thorns series and the Shattered Duet as well as her two stand alone stories from the series and they are dark, but this was light with dark mixed in. I have become a big fan of Bry Ann’s writing this year and continue to be awed by her books. Her stories have so much in them that it’s almost as if she is writing them from her own experience and that’s what draws me in so much, I think.

I give this story a 4.5 star review and I look forward to reading more of this series and finding out what will happen next.

TEASER: Shamrock, by Janie Crouch

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Wow… Aidan and Violet heat up the pages… a great read.” – Goodreads reviewer

intense and riveting… well-written and full of drama” – Goodreads reviewer

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Every mission has a price.
He never meant for her to pay it.

Aiden has never left anyone behind. Not a comrade and certainly not an innocent. But when an undercover mission goes wrong, he’s forced to abandon a woman trapped in a human trafficking ring.

Violet learned brutally that no one is promised a happy ending. She knows Aiden blames himself for his part, but she refuses to let her abduction define the rest of her life.

She won’t be a victim again. And she’s going after what she wants: Aiden.

Watching Violet transform herself into a fierce warrior is the sexiest thing Aiden has ever seen. The honorable plan would be to stay away from her–let her heal and grow without the shadow of his mistakes clouding her progress–even though every instinct tells him to claim her for his own.

But when they discover the danger they thought they’d left behind is closer than ever, they’ll have to face their deepest fears and fight side-by-side in order to survive.

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#PreOrder Every mission has a price. He never meant for her to pay it. #Shamrock by @janiecrouch #RomanticSuspense #Standalone

#PreOrder “Wow… Aidan and Violet heat up the pages… a great read” #Shamrock by @janiecrouch #RomanticSuspense #Standalone

#PreOrder She won’t be a victim again. And she’s going after what she wants: Aiden. #Shamrock by @janiecrouch #RomanticSuspense #Standalone

#PreOrder “intense and riveting… well-written and full of drama” #Shamrock by @janiecrouch #RomanticSuspense #Standalone

Release Blitz of Torn: Dark Legacy Duet #2, by Natasha Knight @givemebooksblog @NatashaKnight13

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Title: Torn
Series: Dark Legacy Duet #2
Author: Natasha Knight
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: November 14, 2018

Torn Ebook Cover


Taking her is my right.
Breaking her, my duty.

I was always going to choose Helena. I knew it the instant I saw her.

She’s different than the others. There’s a darkness about her. Something wild inside her. And it calls to the beast inside me.

But she isn’t what I expect. With every word and every touch, she pushes me, burrows deep under my skin, challenging the rules, upending history.

And all the while, I see how my brother watches her. He wants her, and as the rules stand, she’ll become his in one year’s time.

Except that I have no intention of giving her up.

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Taken Ebook Cover

Taken, Dark Legacy Duet #1

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Natasha Knight LogoAUTHOR BIO

USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance, Natasha Knight specializes in dark, tortured heroes. Happily-Ever-Afters are almost always guaranteed, but she likes to put her characters through hell to get them there. She’s evil like that.

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Torn Teaser 2

ARC Review of Torn: Dark Legacy Duet, Book 2, by Natasha Knight

Wow! Talk about an ending to a story. This series really has it. Although, I hate the thought that this is the end. There are still questions to be answered.

Torn Ebook Cover

Helena Willow is the chosen one of her and her sisters. One of the Willow quadruplets, Helena is chosen as the Willow Girl. She will go through pain while she is with Sebastian Scafoni, but the emotional pain will turn out to be the worst. She’ll have quite a bit of turmoil to have to deal with as well as some real surprises. She’s a strong young woman and will come out of this stronger.

Sebastian Scafoni is the oldest Scafoni and has to follow the legacy. He’ll do what he can to break the legacy though and to keep Helena for himself. He doesn’t want to continue the legacy and he definitely doesn’t want to hand over the woman he has fallen in love with.

I really liked this Duet. I have read some dark stories, but I think this one is one of the darkest and yet it was also very good. Definitely a top read for this year. I really hope that there will be more to the Scafoni and Willow families. As I said, there are still questions to be answered and I really want to have the answers. Gregory, Ethan, and Amy left a lot of doors open. I give this book a 5 ⭐️ review and look forward to more books by Ms. Knight in the future.

ARC Review of Accepted & Rebuilt: book 2 in the Shattered Duet, by Bry Ann @AuthorBryAnn

Wow, I don’t know where to begin with this. The book was everything I had hoped for and then some. This was a hard book to read in some parts and then there were other parts that I was cheering internally, my husband would have given me weird looks if they were out loud. With such a touchy subject of Sage and Nix’s lives and relationship, Bry Ann did a wonderful job with their stories and left me actually wanting to read more about them.


Nix’s life was so beyond normal that it’s amazing he is the man he is. His kind heart, and tough exterior make him such a great character. He is a mixture of good and bad, but he can’t see that. He only sees the monster that was created when he was young. Sage’s need for a hero will help to heal Nix as much as it will Sage, and their lives will change so much in this story.

I was so happy to see Nix’s side of his encounter and relationship with Rose in his story. It helped to understand him on a different level for me. I know that we saw some of it in the Roses & Thorns series, but reading it in his own story was more impactful for me.

I was thrilled with the ending of this duet, but hopefully not the end of Sage and Nix. I am hoping to read more about them in other books that are spun off from the Roses & Thorns series.

I give this book a 5 star review and am so happy I was able to read Nix’s story. His childhood broke my heart.

I highly recommend that you read this story as well as the Roses & Thorns series and Shattered. To get the full story, you have to read all of the books in the series as well as Cut and Enzio and the duet. I hope that you fall in love with these characters the same way I did.


I was introduced to Bry Ann when I read Roses & Thorns. I have since completed the series of Roses & Thorns and I have go on to read the following books that came from this series; Cut, Enzio, and the Shattered Duet. I have become a big fan of Bry Ann and need to find time to read some of her other books. Since I just finished reading Accepted & Rebuilt, the second book in the Shattered Duet, I wanted to do a spotlight on Bry Ann.

The second book in the Shattered Duet is coming out on November 23, 2018. Please pick it up and read it. If you like dark romance, mafia, suspense, and books with strong women who can bring powerful men to their knees, then you will love the Roses & Thorns Series as well as the Shattered Duet.

Roses & Thorns


So, how I get inspired is always a little weird and random. Roses & Thorns took a complete life of its own. Rose is actually a character from another book of mine that I have not released yet. I really liked her and her sweet disposition so decided to make her the staring character in the mafia romance I’d been desperate to write, as is the trend right now.

As the story progressed two other characters, the ‘Boss’ and Lacey, really stole my heart. Lacey especially. They became just as imperative to the story and it suddenly became this twisted double romance, haha.

As for Nix and Sage and the Shattered Duet, originally I was writing Nix’s book because I loved his personality and his relationship to his serial killer father. That fascinated me. On the side of that, I’d ALWAYS wanted to write a book that sheds some light on human trafficking. Helping trafficking survivors is a major passion of mine. It’s something I care about more than I can express. When it came time to write Nix & Sage’s story, I knew the ideas were meant to blend. Everything about Sage’s actions and scars lent to her having a past of being trafficked and surviving. No, thriving. In time. ❤


Roses & Thorns inspired their story. I would have never known about Nix if it weren’t for Roses & Thorns BUT Sage’s story would have always been told. She may not have known Nix, which would have been tragic for her and left her story lacking, but her story is one I’ve had on my heart for years.

But generally, yes, Roses & Thorns inspired the Shattered Duet. 🙂

Thank you so much!

xx- Bry Ann


Review of Tetterbaum’s Truth: Just Call me Angel Series, Book 1, by S. R. Claridge

Angel Martin is a young woman who runs a pub in Chicago. She is looking for someone to love her and stick around, but she convinces herself that she’s not. She finds herself in a huge mess after she hits a man with her car one night. She will learn a lot about her true identity throughout this story and will find that she is not who she thought she was, nor was her father. Angel will come into her own at the end of this story, but she will go through a lot to get there.

Olga is Angel’s great-Aunt who helps her out throughout the story. She is a funny woman who tries to set Angel up with “the right man”. She holds a lot of family secrets that Angel knows nothing about until she has to fight to survive.

This book pulled me in right from the beginning and didn’t let go until the end! I loved the suspense and the thrill of the story and the intrigue of who could be trusted in this story.

The characters were so well written and they each made the story that more interesting.
This was my first read of S.R. Claridge but it will not be my last. Now I have to go buy the rest of this series so that I can read more about Angel and her family. I give this story a 5 star review and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys mafia, suspense, thrillers, and riveting stories. This book has all of that plus. Great story!