Review of “Cleaved: Grafton County Series 2” by Sue Coletta @SueColetta1

Sage Quintano is a crime story author who is married to the local sheriff in a small rural town in New Hampshire. She has been through a few disasters but has survived. She may not always come out unscathed, but she sure comes out stronger each time. Her husband Niko Quintano will do anything to keep her and their family safe, but when he dismisses her gut feelings about the current murders in their little town he will regret it.

Niko’s team at the sheriffs office are great officers even with two officers that aren’t as weathered as Niko and Frankie. Frankie Campanelli has been working as an officer longer than Ben or Bradley, but she is not your typical police or sheriffs officer. She doesn’t follow the dress code and at times will show up to a crime scene in heels, she is quite sassy also.

I love Sage and Frankie in this series. They are both strong women who have a great friendship and are fun to read. Every time I read one of Sue’s books it makes the day go by so fast. I get so drawn into the book and the story that everything around me just disappears. This one was no different. I find these stories to be so real, especially when I read lines like this; “Beside the personal connection and the tragedy that followed, I’d labored over every word to strike the right chord at the perfect moment to elicit the strongest reaction in my reader. Whether folks realized it or not, authors bared their souls in their books. Nothing quite compared to the intimacy shared between writers and readers, however subconscious it may be.” I can see this in most of the books I read and feel the truth in this statement.

I am kind of reading this series backwards, but it doesn’t matter because even though I know that there is another book after this one, I still get anxious wondering if all of my favorite characters will survive the book. I also get so drawn into the story that I sometimes forget that I’ve read the next book already. I love the characters in this series and I give this story a 5 star review. Now I have to go back and read the first book in the series. Good thing I already have it. I love to read Sue’s books any time, but when I have a break and am looking for a book to read during some down time, Sue is one of my go to authors.


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