ARC Review of Eagle: Linear Tactical Series Book 2 @givemebooksblog @janiecrouch

This series is getting better with each book and I loved Cyclone. Eagle is even better and the connection between Finn and Charlie is off the charts.

Finn Bollinger is a partner of the Linear Tactical Unit and has lived in Oak Creek all his life. Ex-Army special forces, his life is content and his job keeps him busy. His son Ethan has dyslexia and other learning disabilities and he needs a tutor to help him get up to his grade level in reading. The woman that Finn and Ethan are supposed to meet who will be tutoring him has a history with Finn.

Charlotte Devereux is a woman in need of a break in her life so that she can help her parents and survive herself. She’s a strong, stubborn woman who keeps her life to herself and will do anything to protect the ones she loves. She will put her own life in danger to protect those she loves.

Finn and Charlotte (Charlie) go way back and their history is not something that Finn likes to dwell on. When she walks in to meet a young boy and his family about tutoring she does not expect to run into Finn, nor does she expect to be shot down so quickly about being hired to tutor.

This was a great story to read and I loved that Charlie was such a strong woman who could stand on her own, but that she realized that she didn’t always have to. The characters in this story, series are so strong and loyal. The women are badass and not afraid to stand up for themselves when needed, but know when to let their men help them out and take care of them. I give this story a 5 star review and look forward to Shamrock, and Aiden’s story. Janie Crouch’s stories draw me in and make me lose track of time when I am reading.

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