ARC Review of Taken: Dark Legacy Duet Book 1, by Natash Knight @givemebooksblog @NatashaKnight13

Wow! Dark Legacy, I guess. This story is dark and yet it is also a story of two people who in different circumstances could have had a normal relationship and could have the trust and honest feelings for each other and given them a real chance at an honest relationship.

Sabastian Scafoni, the head of the family and the oldest living son, has to continue the legacy of taking a Willow daughter and breaking her. He knows he has to do this and he will fulfill his family legacy and choose his Willow girl.

Helena Willow one of the Willow quadruplets, is the dark sister of the four. She does not have blonde hair, and she feels as though she is not a beautiful as her sisters. She is strong willed and refuses to go willingly or quietly. Her mouth and her attitude can be her downfall though. Her three sisters are blonde, beautiful, and submissive. Helena has dark hair, she’s beautiful as well, her hair and eye color are unique and this makes her stand out next to her sisters, she is also strong willed and rebellious.

I really liked this book. It’s just dark enough that it pulled me in, but it has the light parts where the relationship between Sebastian and Helena had me hoping and routing for them to end the legacy. The family rivalry, secrets and greed is disturbing and yet it keeps the pages turning to find out what will happen next and if there could be a HEA ending of the story. I look forward to Torn Book 2 of the series and can’t wait to get into it. I give this book a 4.5 star review and recommend it to anyone who likes a story of family secrets and women with determination. A very sexy cover too!

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