Review of Reprobation, by Catherine Fearns @rararesources

An interesting read for sure! Religion, suspense, Death Metal, and murder all in one book.

Dr. Helen Hope is a professor of eschatology, and a Calvinist nun. Her knowledge in eschatology draws her into a murder investigation when a man is found on a cross with carvings in his body. She’ll discover Death Metal and a new way of thinking about religion and life.

Detective Darren Swift has just been promoted to detective and this is his first big case. He is the detective investigating the murder and he will question his abilities to solve the case as well as the religious meanings behind the murders. He had a rough time in his last position and he isn’t sure yet of how it’s going to be in this new position.

I really enjoyed this book and was drawn into the story quickly. I found the story to be suspenseful, disturbing and interesting. The twists and turns of this story kept me turning the pages. I give this book a 4.5 star review and highly recommend it to anyone likes suspense and thrillers. I kind of hope there is another story with these characters. I’d like to know what happens with Helen, Mikko, and Darren.

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