HERE IT IS! Shattered Duet Book 2… ACCEPTED & REBUILT. By Author Bry Ann Release date: November 23, 2018

Accepted & Rebuilt (finally) tells Nix’s side of the story! I’d do a Roses & Thorns Nix edition touch-up. This story is suspenseful, sexy and heartful. It’s different than the first one in many ways as Nix and Sage are much older now… The blurb, pre-order link, release date and cover are below!




Five years. You’d expect so much to have changed, right?

Ride or die. I said those words.

Easy words to speak.
Hard words to live by.

Hard when the man you love, your hero, the man you see through rose-colored glasses, has a father who is a serial killer.
Hard when you feel the man you love slowly drift away from you.

Life comes to a halt. It becomes all about survival.

I’ve done that dance.
Survive. Never thrive. I’m okay with that.

Nix isn’t. Not at all.

He has a plan.

A terribly destructive plan that can and does reek havoc on all of us.
He doesn’t know I have a plan too. To prove to him I can handle anything and everything he dishes out. I want to handle it.

Because when you love someone, you’re their teammate.

You build them up.

You accept them.

More than anything, you love them.
And I love him.

I just hope it doesn’t kill us.

ARC RELEASE DATE: November 11, 2018
RELEASE DATE: November 23, 2018

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