Review of: Cheat, by Mayra Statham @givemebooksblog @mystathamwrites

Garrett Wright’s life after the bombing that took his friends and team members in the army is tough and his way of dealing with his anger and survivors guilt will lead him to a woman who will bring him out of the darkness.

Stefanie Banks, a woman who’s had a rough start to life has decided to live her life and put things from her past behind her. She doesn’t let anyone in though. Her armor is tight and in place, but the man that is being beaten up and just taking it is a man that she is drawn to. They will both find that they can’t put the other out of their minds.

The subject matter of Garrett’s life after the army is a tough subject matter, and not everyone who has had to battle it have survived, but Garrett was one of the lucky ones and his family and friends are thankful for that. Stefanie will help Garrett come back from the darkness.

I really liked this story and thought it was written very well. It has the good and the bad in life. Garrett is a strong man and has so much good in him, it’s great to see the side of him that his Nicola remembers come back out after meeting Stefanie. I look forward to reading Danny’s story next and love the Wright boys. I give this story a 4.5 star review.


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