Review of “Wings of a Flying Tiger”, by Iris Yang @IrisYang86351

“World War Two. Japanese occupied China. One cousin’s courage, another’s determination to help a wounded American Pilot”. On the front cover.

Ms. Yang brought this book to my attention and I am glad that she did. I do not read a lot of historical books, but this story was very informative, interesting, and heartbreaking. The turmoil and tribulations that all of these characters went through were heart wrenching and life changing.

Danny Hardy, an American volunteer pilot is in China as a Flying Tiger Pilot who went to China to help them defend their country during the occupation of Japan. While flying a mission with his wingman and childhood best friend, Jack, they both take damaging fire to their planes. Jack has to eject from the plane and is vulnerable to the Japanese fighter pilots. He is shot before he can get to the ground and get under cover. Danny witnesses this and finds a new resolve to chase the Japanese pilots and get his revenge for Jack’s death. In his fight against the Japanese pilots, his plane is damaged and he has to eject as well.

Jasmine Bai, a young Chinese woman who lives with her Aunt, Uncle, and younger cousin, while attending college is determined to get to her parents and bring them to Chungking out of the danger zone. Jasmine will go through so much during her journey and she will prove her strength and determination. Jasmine’s older cousin, Birch is a fighter pilot in the Air Force and her uncle is a Colonel in the Air Force.

I really enjoyed this story, although there some pages where I cringed while reading and the whole time I was cheering for Jasmine, Daisy, Jasmine’s younger cousin, and others to fight their hardest and save their homeland and their families. The strength of the characters in this story really pulled me into their lives and kept the pages turning. These characters were very likable and enjoyable to read. I give this story a 5 star review and now I am looking forward to the second book, Will of a Tiger. Thank you Ms. Yang for contacting me and bringing your book to my attention. I really liked the characters and the story.

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