REVIEW: Kaznachei’s Pain, by V. F. Mason @LWoodsPR @Authour_VFMason


This was a great story. It was heart wrenching at times as well as humorous, touching, and a love story of two people who in most cases would never find themselves together. Almost considered a forbidden love. The twists in this story kept me turning the pages and they kept pulling into the story. The men in the Bratva were men who had to overcome a lot to survive and make a life for themselves. Even though they had some situations that made them question the loyalty of some others, they still stayed true to their friendship and stood behind each other when they needed to. There were a few times where Kaznachei made his best friends question him and his loyalty, but they never turned their backs on them.

I loved the camaraderie these men had and their loyalty to each other even if their loyalty to the brotherhood may have been doubtful sometimes. The pain that Yuri has overcome a lot in his life and he believes that his heart will never be open to anyone and that he has nothing to give to a woman, but when he finds Melissa he will learn that his past heartbreak taught him so much more than he realizes.

I love the ending and am looking forward to the second generation. I really want to know what he told them…although because of Yuri’s reaction, I think I know what it is. I give this story a 5 star review and really hope there are more to come soon.

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