ARC Review of “Protected By The Claws: A MC Bear Shifter Romance” by Laura Wylde

A short suspenseful love story.Baron is a boy coming of age and finding out new things about himself that most teens don’t go through. He knows that he wants Kayla in his life, and thinks he knows who he is, but one night changes so much for him and Kayla.

Kayla’s father is the sheriff of Shady Way and has warned Baron to stay away from his daughter. Baron can’t stay away from Kayla because he knows that she is the only girl that he will ever love. They have a draw to each other and their young age makes the draw and sneaking around so much more attractive. A night where they are caught by the sheriff causes both of their lives to change. They are separated for ten years.

I enjoyed reading this story. The story was structured so that it was really hard to figure out who was causing all of the trouble. Even though I had my thoughts, it was not easy to figure out who the real bad guy was until almost the end of the book. There were hints and evidence to lead one way, but when you put everything together and looked deeper it was not as open and shut as I thought it was. I enjoy reading suspense romance and enjoy looking for the bad guy in the book and try to figure out the case before I finish the book, and I really like a book where it is harder to figure out. I like the challenge and I like the story more when the challenge is harder. This book fell into that category for me.

I give this story a 3.5 star review and recommend it to readers who like suspenseful romance.

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