ARC Review of “Coming Home”, by PE Kavanagh @pekavanagh

A story about politics, political families, and childhood friends turning into lovers.

I really liked this story and I love Ramona Barrett. A young woman who has made her own way through life and made a life of her own. She has a hard time making a change in her life that makes her look at life differently. She’ll go through a lot of changes and her life will head in a different direction than she planned, all from one trip back home for a death in the family.

A celebrity chef who is the son of a political powerhouse and a powerful family. He made some changes in his life a while ago and now that his best friend has come back home to attend a family funeral his life will go through more changes, but these changes are a dream come true for Lucas Winston.

This story was refreshing and fun to read. A story of two young people from powerful families that don’t want to follow in their parents footsteps in many ways. They want to make a difference in the world and their lives will not be the same after the death of Ramona’s grandfather, the Governor of Virginia. Ramona’s will find what has been missing in her life for some time when she sees Lucas again after so many years away from home. The characters in this story are fun, strong, and enjoyable to read. I laughed at the way that Ramona, Connor, and Lucas interacted with each other and I cried with Ramona when she was upset.

I give this story a 4 star review and look forward to reading “Claiming Power”. I read an excerpt at the back of this story and it looks intriguing. I like Connor and would love to read more about him and his life. I voluntarily read this book for an honest review.


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