ARC Review of “Roses & Thorns: Conquer”, by Bry Ann

THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS SERIES!!! I love this series and the ending of it was bitter sweet. I loved the end, but I hate to see it end. I love being in Sven, Rose, Lacey’s, and Boss’ lives. I love reading the twists and drama going on in their lives, and meeting new friends in their lives. The characters in this series are well developed and really came out of the book for me. They were broken, beaten, strong, lovable, and a joy to read.

The end of Roses & Thorns: Conquer was perfect. The HEA for two women who had a lot of drama and trauma in their young lives it perfect. They deserved it more than anyone. Rose’s strength comes out when Sven is near and when he pushes those buttons that make her annoyed and push her strength and sassiness to come out. I love Rose, but I hate seeing her be so dejected and scared. I like the strong Rose and her character is much better when she is strong. Lacey is still a bada** and one of the strongest women I have read in awhile, even considering all she has been through. I know that Boss is her strength and he helps her overcome the darkness that can seep in.

Sven has grown so much in this series and his reaction to Rose when she returns is great. He doesn’t show any anger towards her until later in the story. They’ve overcome a lot in their relationship considering how it started. It is great to see how Sven and Boss have grown so much throughout this series. Their relationship has grown as much as they have and it’s great. They are a great team.

I thinks this series has been one of my top reads for this year so far. I am so happy to see that other characters will get their own story and I look forward to visiting these characters again in other stories. I give this book a 5 star review and highly recommend it to anyone who likes mafia romance, alpha males, kick butt heroines, or just a story with great characters and a well written story. I can’t wait for Cut’s story. I love a dark, brooding, sexy man.

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