ARC Review of “Ven: The V Games”, by Ker Dukey and K Webster @KerDukeyauthor @KristiWebster @IndieSagePR

The patriarchs of the Vasiliev, Vetrov, and Volkov families are ruthless and despicable in their daily lives. The V Games were created by Yegor Vetrov and his own son was the first victor of the Games. The children of these men are ruthless as well, but their youthfulness and understanding of life around them has made them smarter than their fathers and when they have the power for their families things will be different. Women will not be treated as an accessory and they will be able to prove their own knowledge and power to rule beside their men.

Veniamin Vetrov is a young man who follows his fathers rules to keep the peace for now. He does not believe in all that his father does or says to run their family and he can’t wait until the day comes when he can be the one to rule the Vetrov name. However, when that time comes will he actually take the reigns? A lot will change for him in this story and he will find himself as well as the one woman who can keep up with him and stand beside him to show their world that they were meant to be together.

Diana Volkov is a young woman who is smart, strong, and vicious in her world. She will have to prove herself in this story and unfortunately, she will have to fight for her own life more than once in this story. I love Diana, she is a woman who knows her place in the family, but she will not take much more from the men around her before she cracks and shows them all that she is not just a woman to hang on a mans arm. She is a business woman and she thrives when she has something to focus on and a business to run. She knows what her family does and she may not agree with everything, but she is a business woman and will do what she can to make sure that her family business thrives and makes money.

If you like a story about mafia families, dark love, strong heroines and alpha males, then I highly recommend that you read this story. I would suggest that if you have not already read the first book, Vlad: The V Games, that you read it first as this book takes up after that one. They are both very good and I was cheering for Diana a lot in this book. Sorry, but I still don’t like Vika. I give this book a 4.5 star review and look forward to the next story in the future. I need to know more about these families.


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