Review of “Family Ties” by Stephie Walls @StephieWalls

Family Ties Ebook

This story tore at my heartstrings and then put me back together at the end. It was an emotional read, but it was so good. The ups and downs of both Jude and Portia’s lives were so natural and real that it felt as if I were living it with them. The love of Ernie and Hensley for both Jude and Portia was unconditional, true, and heartwarming. I loved that they accepted both of these children with open arms and open hearts. It is great to read a heartwarming story like this, even with the angst and heartbreak that was in the story.

Jude Thomas, a boy who was put into foster care by his mother voluntarily because she was going through heath problems. Jude is a young boy who is a bookworm, quiet, smart, and caring boy. He knows that his mom is sick but he hopes with all of his heart that he will be going home to her soon. His mother is his world, and at eight years old, he is scared and lonely when he goes to live with the Shaws. His life will go through so many changes throughout the next ten years, but the one constant will always be Portia.

Portia Shaw, a young girl who was living with the Shaws when Jude was placed there. She was also a foster child, but her circumstances were vastly different from Jude’s. Her being in foster care was due to her mother’s death. Portia and Jude find the common ground between them and their relationship is strong because they went through the tragedies of their childhood together. They were both there for each other. They were always the constant for each other along with Ernie and Hensley.

This was a beautiful book, but be prepared to cry and want to scream at both Jude and Portia through this book. I was not prepared for the crying, but the frustration that I felt at some parts were as if I were looking at two people that I had in my life and I wanted to shake them and say open your eyes. I did not want to put this book down, I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I may have stayed up too late last night trying to finish it, but it was worth the lack of sleep. I loved it and I give it a 4.5 star review. I would love to read more about Bart, Jet, Carson and Ethan. I think they each have a good story to read as well.


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