Review of ‘Hideaway (Devil’s Night #2)’, by Penelope Douglas @PenDouglas


Kai Mori, did his time and has now returned to Meridian City with his sights set on revenge. He has a lot of darkness inside him though and is better off when he is alone. He hides away from his friends because he needs the space to find himself and to hide from the shame he feels for all of his bad decisions. Kai is ashamed of his bad choices he has made in life and the dishonor he has brought to his family and the disappointment he feels from his father. His sole purpose becomes finding Damon and getting the information that Damon has that could destroy him and send him back to prison. He has an idea to get Damon, but will it destroy Kai instead? Will he be able to get out of the darkness?

Banks works for Damon Torrence’s father. Which is unusual because she is a woman, and according to Gabriel Torrence, women were only good for sex. They had no power in his life or household. How did she work for him and have any power or control over anything? She was a woman that had more power than most would know. She had her own secrets and her control was only over one person. She needed to find Damon and make sure that he had control over himself and then they could continue on with their plan to rule their own world and lives. It would just them against the world. The biggest question was who was she to Damon?

Kai and Banks met six years ago when Banks snuck into the confessional. She was a mystery to Kai then and now she is a bigger mystery. Can he find out what power she has over Damon, who she really is, or how her life fits into Damon’s?

I bought this book once I finished Corrupt because I became so engrossed in the storyline that I had to read the next book in the series. I really liked this story as much as I did Corrupt (Devil’s Night #1), and I look forward to the next book in the series. These stories are dark, but they are about love, loyalty, friendship, and family. Kai will do anything in his power to keep the people he loves safe and out of harm’s way. I give this story a 4.5-star review.

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