Review of “Roses & Thorns: Women” Book 2 in the Roses & Thorns Series, by Bry Ann


Nooooo! I am crushed! Dang it woman, you are killing me here!

The women in Roses & Thorns: Women are very strong and can be very dangerous when they are hurt, or someone they love is hurt or crossed. They are the perfect partner for the men they are with in Roses & Thorns. Boss and Sven are dangerous men who rule their world. Boss is the head of the mafia and Sven is his Underboss, second in command. These men will kill or destroy their enemy without a second thought, that is until they meet Lacey and Rose. Then we see the vulnerable side of them both.

Sven kidnapped Rose in Roses & Thorns because she wanted to be his. After she left him and was on the run for short time, he realized that he would do anything to get her back in his life and his bed. Rose was a tech at a mental facility where Sven met her, when he was a patient. She lives for her work and has a habit of not eating. The only person who can get her to eat is Sven. Rose is a woman who thrives on helping others. She is a soft hearted woman who feels that she has to make up for her father’s sins.

Lacey is a woman who has been used for most of her life. Boss has a soft spot for her and would do anything to heal her and make her better. He knows he is the reason for most of the pain she has received. He is now trying to make up for it. She brings out the good part of him, but he’s worried it will destroy him.

I am loving this series, but was crushed at the end of Roses & Thorns: Women. There better be a surprise in the next books. I don’t mind a cliff hanger, but dang it. This one was devastating.

If you like a dark romance, with strong characters, I would highly recommend this series. I was in tears reading this story. I give Roses & Thorns: Women a 4.5 star review.


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