Review of “Married Lies”, by Chris Collett @Books_n_all @JoffeBooks @Crime_Crow

DCI Tom Mariner and his team are on a case that has them all wondering how someone could be so heartless and ruthless. A middle aged woman is found dead in her home and when they begin to investigate the death, they find that it was a cruel death and they have no real suspects. The team is also investigating a claim from a woman who believes she is being followed and is getting harassing phone calls. DCI Mariner along with Jamilla Khatoon are investigating this claim by Lucy Jarrett. A young woman who has recently married a musician who is on the road a lot.

The investigations are leading to very little and the team is having a hard time to figure out who the culprit is in both cases. A break finally comes in the case of Lucy Jarrett being harassed. However, it takes a little while longer before the cases are solved. During this time, DCI Mariner finds his life going through more changes and a real tragedy could leave him a broken man this time.

This was another great story with DCI Mariner. I enjoy reading this series as each story has a lot of twists and suspense, but the stories all take you into the life of DCI Mariner and his team, Tony Knox, Jamilla Khatoon, and Charlie Glover along with their Commanding Officer, DCI Davina Sharp. Ms. Collett does a great job with these characters and it feels like they are a part of my neighborhood, or circle of friends when I am reading their story. I feel the pain they are going through in their personal lives and the frustration they feel when trying to solve a case feels so real.

I give this book a 4.5 star rating and I look forward to more in the series. I love DCI Mariner and I hope that the next books in the series find him living a happy and healthy life.

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