Review of “The Wolf’s Prize: Hinterland Book 4”, by K. T. Harding

I enjoyed this series and enjoyed the twists and turns that are in the story. The anticipation kept me reading even when I shouldn’t have been, but I needed to find out what was going to happen.

Raleigh Douglas had some hard decisions to make in this final book. She faced a lot of things that she dreaded and yet she came out on top of it. Her life will never be the same again. The people she loves will cause her to question her beliefs and her life.

Bishop is back, but he has a lot to overcome as well. After being rescued and the torture he went through while he was a captive, has left him damaged and he has to make a decision when it comes to saving his life. Will he agree to it or not?

This was the final book in the Hinterland Series. I hated to see it end. There is still more to find out about Bishop and Raleigh, and now we are introduced to Ilkha. How will she fair working with Raleigh. Will her life turn out like Raleigh’s or will it be different. I give this story a 4 star review. I wish there were more to come. With the changes that Bishop and Raleigh went through in this story, there have to be more changes to come in Hinterland as well.


Wolf's Prize Cover




This review is part of the May Discovery Blog Tour on Lisa * My Everyday Life’s blog.  I am honored to have been invited to join this Blog Tour with Lisa and other bloggers. Although my book review has no holidays in it, I do wish all the mothers viewing this a Happy Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, May 13.

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