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Check out the HOT new cover of Defying the General from USA Today Bestselling Author Maddie Taylor!




Lana Hartman intends to find a new planet for the desperate people of Earth to call home, but this explorer-turned-colonist is about to get more than she bargains for in the form of a seven-foot-tall alpha alien with enigmatic eyes and a devastating smile.  Chased, manhandled, and carried off over a broad, muscular shoulder, Lana soon finds herself claimed as the gorgeous warrior’s lifelong mate.

Together, they are explosive. The primal male awakens something deep within Lana and proves himself quite skilled at bringing her to the most mind-blowing orgasms. But love isn’t enough for the beauty to abandon her mission.

Fate draws them together, but danger and deceit will wrench them apart. Can they find their way back to each other while doing what they must to save their people? Or, will treachery keep them from claiming their happily forever after?

ARC Review of “Housekeeping”, by Summer Cooper @summer_author

Such a touching and beautiful story. At first I thought Mason was going to be a royal pain in the a**, and he was in the beginning, but Laura helped him to realize that life was to be lived in the moment and to respect.

Mason is a young man with daddy issues, and his way of dealing with them is to be a partier, and cause trouble when he can with his father. Laura is a housekeeper in Mason’s family hotel. He meets Laura when she is one of the maids who has to clean up after him and his friends have partied all night. They are slobs… Mason notices her but doesn’t really pay much attention at first when he first saw her, until one day when she makes a comment about his naked body. Mason is in his early 20’s and when he is focused on work, he is a great worker and deal maker for the family business. He just needs to change his ways so that he can get more out of life.

Laura is a woman in her mid 30’s and has had to deal with more than her fair share of life while she was in college. That experience taught her that life is precious and should be valued. She is a positive woman who tries not to let things get her down. She is good friends with Jessi a baker in the hotel restaurant, and she lives by herself in a small apartment. She tells herself that getting involved with Mason is a mistake, he’s too young, and he is a partier. What good could come of a relationship between them. However, he catches her when she is weak and she throws all of those things out the window. Will it be a one time thing, or will they be able to make things work between them.

If you like a touching story where an alpha male is taught that the way he is living his life could be changed and that he could have a good woman by his side, then you should pick up this book. I give this book a 4.5 star rating and look forward to more stories with the characters in this book.


Review “Emerald Gryphon”, by Ruby Ryan

This was my first book to ready by Ruby Ryan, and I loved it. It is also the first book in the Gryphons vs Dragons Series. I quickly purchased the rest of the books in the series to find out what happens next.

Ethan Masterson, a 30 year old who spends his vacation with his college friends that he has not seen in years. They go to Belize and relive their college days with drinking and partying. They are heading back to their respective homes in a couple of days and have a tour scheduled of a cave in the area. With most of the guys hung over, they manage to make their tour, but things get a little weird in the cave and they cut the tour short. A bit on the geeky side, Ethan is not someone you would expect to show alpha tendencies, or attract women, but after this vacation, he has changed.

Jessica, hired from a temp agency to fill in at a company as a Systems Administrator. She finds the job to be fulfilling, but the boss to be a pain in the butt. She also finds that the person she is covering for has a weird filing system for the files on the system. Little does she know that there is a reason for the weird filing system. Jessica has done nothing to make her boss, Mrs. Arnold happy since she has been in the position. Jessica would love to have a permanent position with the company, but fears that it won’t work out because making Mrs. Arnold happy is not easy to do.

Jessica and Ethan meet up by chance, because Mrs. Arnold sends Jessica to pick up Ethan from the airport when he comes back from vacation. Little do they know that it may have been fate bringing them together.

This is a paranormal shifter story with heat, suspense, and a very good story background. I loved reading it and look forward to reading the remaining books in the series. I will seek out Ruby Ryan books when I am in the mood for a great shifter story. I suggest you do the same.


ARC Review of “Craving Loyalty”, by 13 different authors

These were great starter stories in Craving Loyalty. I call them starter stories because they end so that you wonder what’s going to happen now. You want more of the story to continue. I do wish that some were longer, or that I could find the continuation of the stories. A few of them were okay, but in general this is a good boxset to read. I had only read one of the authors in this group, Ginger Ring, and I found her story “Taken to the Cleaner” to be a good one. I would have liked to read more of this story.

If you like mafia stories and to read about men and women who are looking for that one person to really care for them, love them, and be loyal to them, then you should read this boxset. I will have to look for more stories by these authors to see if they have continuations to these stories.

I give the boxset a 3.5 star review. As I said, some of the stories were okay. They weren’t bad, just okay.



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Unlike most eighteen year olds, I had the weight of the world on my young shoulders. Desperate to do right by my family, my questionable choices led me to the pits of hell.

Steel bars, three meals a day and no contact with the outside world; regret consumed my every thought. Desperate to pay my penance, forgiveness and a happily ever after wasn’t the plan.

But there she was.

Warm, passionate and unexpected, Emerson Lane was the light at the end of the tunnel. She was all a man like me could want and everything I didn’t deserve.

Redemption wasn’t something I thought I would ever find. Until she found me.

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