ARC Review of “Craving Loyalty”, by 13 different authors

These were great starter stories in Craving Loyalty. I call them starter stories because they end so that you wonder what’s going to happen now. You want more of the story to continue. I do wish that some were longer, or that I could find the continuation of the stories. A few of them were okay, but in general this is a good boxset to read. I had only read one of the authors in this group, Ginger Ring, and I found her story “Taken to the Cleaner” to be a good one. I would have liked to read more of this story.

If you like mafia stories and to read about men and women who are looking for that one person to really care for them, love them, and be loyal to them, then you should read this boxset. I will have to look for more stories by these authors to see if they have continuations to these stories.

I give the boxset a 3.5 star review. As I said, some of the stories were okay. They weren’t bad, just okay.


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