ARC Review of “Murder by Fire”, by Faith Martin @NovCato @JoffeBooks

DI Hillary Greene, a young woman who has her own investigative team. She is given a case to find out who murdered a man in his own home. The man was murdered and then put on a bon fire in his own backyard. Who would have had the means and the need to kill the man? There are several possible suspects.  His estranged son, his cousin, who is also his partner in a publishing company, or his tenant, that he is trying to get out of his rental house. DI Greene is a great detective and always has her teams back. Things are changing for her team as well as herself, it seems that DI Greene’s team is at a crossroads in their careers.

David Merchant, a very religious and pious man who is widowed and lives alone. His wife died several years ago, and he and his son are estranged. He lives in a nice neighborhood. He owns a publishing company with a cousin. He is a writer of religious books and believes that men and women should always follow the good word of the lord. He works from home and follows a very strict regimen and daily schedule. He has alienated his neighbors because he is so pious.

PC Mark Chang, a new member of DI Greene’s team. He has gained his position on her team by going to college and moving his way up quickly. His family owns a small store that is targeted by a Chinese gang that wants to have  Mark work for them on the inside.

This was a very good story. I enjoyed the twists in this story and was happy that it was not so easily determined as to who the murderer was. Ms. Martin did a great job with the plot and the twists in the story. She does a good job in making you wonder and work for who the murderer is. I really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to reading more in the future.

Murder by fire

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