ARC Review of “Defying Him”, by Zoe Blake @givemebooksblog @ZBlakeBooks

Holy Hawt! I love Commander Michael, he’s a man who knows what he wants and is bound and determined to get what he wants. He won’t apologize for his actions either.

Phoebe Wilson, a reporter for the New York Ledger, lives in New York and writes stories about corruption and crime. She will dig as deep as she can to find a story to write, but she does not give up until she has all of the facts to write her story. She’s stubborn, strong willed, and very independent. She’s a good reporter and is selected specifically to write a story about two murders in Buzzards BayMA, at the Puller Military Academy. The owner of the Ledger, wants her to find out if the Military Academy is trying to cover something up. She’s sent in under cover to find what she can on the two murders and write her story to expose any cover up. She is determined to do just that, but she may be sidelined by the Commanding officer.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Lawson, the new commanding officer at Puller Military Academy, is a Marine. He’s brought to Puller to find out what happened to the two women who were murdered in the woods near the Academy. The deaths were not normal, they appeared to be ritualistic in nature. It’s confusing the military as well as the local law. He is a little afraid to upset his secretary, Mrs. Ludtz has been at the academy for years and likes things to stay traditional. She is an older woman and not a very friendly. Commander Lawson hates that he cannot hear people coming into his office because of the carpet, but he doesn’t want to upset Mrs. Ludtz by asking to have it removed. He already has several marks against him in her eyes. He isn’t an officer in the Navy, he was too young, and he was brought in to put the school on lockdown since the murders.

I really liked this story and I love Lieutenant Colonel Michael Lawson, he’s sexy, strong, and a bit dark. Phoebe is a great character too, she works on her own and until she meets the Commander, she doesn’t bow down to anyone. I give this story a 4 star review.

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