ARC Review of “Vlad: The V Games Series”, by Ker Dukey and K Webster @KerDukeyauthor @KristiWebster @IndieSagePR

Wow!! Talk about a dark mafia man. Vlad is one cool, dark, smooth man. He is controlled most of the time, but when that control is lost, he is one mean, dark, bad mafia man.

This story was very well written and it really drew me in. The fact that Vlad was a man who has multiple sides, and is in control of the dark sides most of the time, make him a dangerous man. He is loyal to those whose trust he has, but if you cross him, you are not going to be a happy person, you may not live to tell about it either.

Vlad Vasiliev, the oldest of three in one of the First Families of the Russian Mafia. His family is actually at the top of the chain. His younger brother, Viktor and sister, Vika, twins, are two very different people. Vlad is close to his brother, but Vika is a conniving, vengeful young lady who will go to any length to get what she wants in life, even have people killed. Viktor is a young man who is sure of who he is and where he belongs in life without being a murderer, or conniving, but is he too confident in his abilities?

Diana Volkov, is the oldest child in the third in line of the First Families. She is smart, strong-willed, and a great business woman. She is to marry Vlad to bring strength to the families and to help the Vasiliev’s gain more land. There is no love between Vlad and Diana, but they are both the oldest in the families and know their duty to the family as well as the Families in general. Diana doesn’t expect for her secret to come out and she definitely doesn’t expect what happens to her when it comes to light. Diana’s younger sister Irena, Shadow, is the one Vlad really wants. She was always in Diana’s shadow growing up, so she earned the nick name.

I really liked this story and can’t wait to read more about the families. The story was well developed and the characters were powerful. Great story, Ker Dukey and K Webster. I look forward to reading more. I give this story a 5 star review.

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