ARC Review of “Gods & Monsters”, by Saffron A Kent @givemebooksblog @SaffronAKent

Holy Cow! Such a touching, angsty, and great book. It is probably going to be a memorable book for me for this year. It has such a touching story, and well rounded and developed characters.

Evangeline Elizabeth Hart, (Evie, Pixie) a young girl who sees color in everything she looks at. She is the daughter of a very religious mother and a father who wants to keep the peace with his wife, so he doesn’t argue with her or stick up for Evie when she gets into trouble. Evie’s mother is abusive and judgmental, but Evie doesn’t let it bother her or  lead her to be the same way. She loves chocolate, writing in her journals, sitting in her treehouse, and spending time with her best friend, Skylar, Sky. “Sky is a girl who needs weapons in her life”. According to Evie, “Sky is bloodthirsty and hates everyone”, especially Duke Knight.

Abel Adams, an orphan who is brought to the little town that Evie lives in to live with his uncle that he has never met. Abel’s parents died, and he has to move to this little town. He is angry and feels lost. He is the son of a couple who should have never fallen in love and had children. He is considered to be a monster child, even before he moved here, he had this hanging over him. Everyone in town looks at him and treats him as if he is a monster, except Mr. B and Evie. Although, Evie should stay away from him because her mother will never let them near each other. He is a loner, artist, and photographer, and Evie is his muse.

This was my first book to read by Saffron A. Kent, and I look forward to reading more. Especially God Amongst Men. I was hoping that she would write Sky and Duke’s story, and it looks like my hopes will be fulfilled in fall 2018. I give this book a 5 star review and would recommend it to anyone.

I loved this book and I loved the story. It has great characters, dialog, and a beautiful story. It shows how people are human and is a great story to read in this day and time with the hate that is going on in the world. It shows how hate can be destructive and hurtful. I loved one specific quote towards the end of the book, “It’s not the judgement of other we should be worried about. It’s the judgement we place on ourselves. It’s the fact that it’s you sitting in the dark, inside a small box, all alone. It’s you who’s gotta bear the shame of your sins while the world is moving”. It is such a powerful and honest statement.

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