ARC Review of “The Deal”, by Holly Hart

Jack Brightman, a billionaire who made his billions in a questionable manor. He and his childhood friends, ex-military, ex-team members as private military contractors. He’s a man who lives his life on a schedule to stay in control. Jack and his friends Eric Moss and Magnus Gunnarsson are men who come up with a plan to avoid relationships and have women in their lives. Their team mate John Starkey (Starkey) works with them too as Jack’s right hand man. They can’t let anyone get too close to them or they could be exposed.

Stella Rossi, a woman who hides behind her online persona of Countess BeeBee, who writes about celebreties or wanna be celebreties online and has been researching Jack Brightman and his two friends, Eric and Magnus. She needs to know how they were able to get the rains to Blakemoor, the private military contractor company they worked for. She also wants to know more about their love lives and why they live their love lives as a team effort.

In an effort to stop Stella from digging too much and sharing what she uncovers on the internet. He can’t let her find out about the Blakemoor situation and woudl rather not have his love life blasted all over the internet. So, he picks Stella as his next year long relationship partner. Is he really only interested in keeping her quiet, or is he actually interested in a real relationship with Stella? He can’t deny that her sassy attitude draws him in.

This was a great read! I enjoyed the story and the main characters. Jack and Stella were great and I loved the snarkiness of Stella. Her attitude was great and it made her a great character to read. Jack’s need for a strict schedule and his vulnerability to his flashbacks made him a real person. I give this book a 5 star review. I liked this story and highly recommend you read it. I loved the chemistry between Stella and Jack.

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