ARC Review of “Bad Wolf”, by Jo Raven @HGRomanceDeals @authorjoraven

Wow, what a raw book. Such a touching and wonderful story.

Jarrett (Rett) Fenris, a young man who is lost, alone, and scared. An orphan who finds a home with Connor Fenris, who adopts him at a young age. Connor was a police officer and taught Jarrett how to fight and protect himself. After Connor is killed in the line of duty, Jarrett is placed in foster homes where he has to fend for himself and has to fight off the other kids in the home to keep from being beat up. He is then taken in by a family when he is a teen and then his life starts to fall apart again. The only light in his life is the girl who starts following him and talking to him when they are headed home from school. He doesn’t talk much to her, but she talked enough for both of them.

Augusta (Gigi) Watson, a young girl who lives with her mom and younger brother. A college student and a girl who has run from her own bad history. She has on very good friend who is acting strange and getting into situations that are dangerous. Three years ago she had a crush on Rett, and only felt safe when she was walking home from school with him. She runs into Rett again and the old feelings resurface. Her family moved to St. Louis after some trouble in her old town, where she first met Rett. She didn’t expect to meet him again here.

Rett is a man who keeps his promises and he made a promise to his foster mom that he would watch out for his foster brother Sebastian. The only trouble is that Sebastian is a time bomb waiting to explode. Will he take Rett down with him, or will he finally be the big brother and protect him? Sebastian is a gang member and a druggie. He can’t keep a job, and he is always after Rett for money to feed his drug habit. Rett’s only thoughts are to keep Sebastian safe and alive, but once he sees Gigi again, he can’t get her out of his mind and his new obsession becomes Gigi. He needs to find a way to get his life together to keep Gigi in it.

This story tore at my heartstrings and was very hard to put down. Rett’s story was a hard story. He had a rough life and his choices as an adult have a lot to be desired, but with his encounter with Gigi again helps him to see that he can turn his life around and be the man he should be and wants to be. I really enjoyed this book even if it tore at my heartstrings. I give this book a 4.5 star rating. I look forward to reading more of this series.

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