ARC Review of “Deviant”, by Gemma James @gemmajames80

Such a dark and beautiful love story. Rafe and Alex are meant to be together. If they can just find a way to survive without the people out to hurt them they will have a great life together.

Rafe and Alex have gone through so much and are finally at a place where they can look at forever, but their past just won’t go away or leave them alone. Their past is the catalyst to their lives, but they have over come so much now they need to get rid of Zach so that they can have their HEA. Once again their lives are in danger and there is no sight of it changing any time soon. Maybe Alex’s quick thinking will get Rafe back on the island so that they can come up with a plan to rid themselves of Zach forever. Alex just has to survive long enough for help to come to save her.

I love this series and I am so ready to read each and every installment when it comes out. It is such a dark love story, but it also has such a great story line that it makes it a MUST read for me. I love that Rafe realizes that his love for Alex is all consuming, but that he would do anything to save her and have her in his life, even if his dark desires surface daily.

If you like a beautiful love story, but with dark content, then you should really read this series by Gemma James. Deviant is the 5th book in the Condemned Series. It’s a great series to read. I give Deviant at 5 star review, and I look forward to more of this series in the future.

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