Review of “Invincible: Trident Code #1”, by Alana Albertson @AlanaAlbertson @HGRomanceDeals

Holy Crap, what a story! Patrick Walsh, a SEAL on leave needs to unwind and is not a man who is in a place for a relationship. He pays for sex, no strings, no commitments, no heartbreak. He walks into a brothel in Aruba and picks a woman with a crooked smile. She’s pretty and her smile draws him in. Star, a woman who is working this brothel because she was kidnapped, drugged, and sold for sex. She’s been a sex slave for five years. Will she ever be rescued and go home to heal?

Star, Annie Hamilton, is just trying to survive. She has a secret and she cannot give up on living. She’s afraid to speak to this man, but he may be the man to save her. He’s an American and she believes that he may be in special forces, maybe even a SEAL. She takes a chance and tells him who she is after she pleasures him. He gets freaked out and leaves quickly. He didn’t ask for this, he doesn’t want to know her hardships. However, he’s a SEAL and his oath won’t let him drop this or forget this woman. He needs the help of his two closest friends Vic and Kyle to help him rescue Annie and bring her home.

This story touches on very sensitive issues, but was written and dealt with in a very respectful way. Pat is a very caring and decent man, he thinks he can take Annie home and forget about her, but that just isn’t happening. Annie’s ordeal almost broke her, but she managed to stay alive and got home. She didn’t let her hell define who she was or the remainder of her life. She knew that it only made her who she was and that was a strong, kind woman.

I loved this story and hated to get to the end of the book. It was such a touching story with heart wrenching issues. I love both Pat and Annie and hope to read more about them throughout the Trident Code Series. I have read a few of Ms. Albertson’s books and her writing always pulls me in very quickly. Such a well written story. I give it a 5 star review.

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