ARC Review of “On Her Guard”, by Skyla Madi @Skyla_Madi @GiveMeBooksBlog

A promise to his mother on her death-bed has him retiring from the military, but he has a hard time readjusting to life outside of the service to this country. Ben is a man who has done four top-secret tours in the Middle East, now he has to work a job where he starts at the bottom and fetches coffee. He can’t keep a job now because they are all boring to him now.

You can take the man out of the military, but you cannot take the military out of the man.  When he takes a job as a security guard, he makes a mistake and feels that it is his responsibility to correct it and his military training kicks in.

He has a one night stand with a beautiful young woman, Sera, who sneaks out to hang out with her friends. Then a few days later he meets her father by accident. This meeting could change his life and it can also bring the adrenalin rush back for him, but it could also be as dangerous as his tours in the Middle East.

I enjoyed “On Her Guard” and the suspense and worry about what might happen to Ben if Sera’s father finds out the truth of their relationship. The fact that Sera felt she had to protect Ben, shows that she actually has feelings for him. The characters in this book are well rounded and the heat between them is great.


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