Review of “Hushed Torment”, by Bella Jewel @GiveMeBooksBlog @BellaJewel73

I loved this book. Amalie is a strong girl who puts herself through a lot of torment after an accident takes her hearing and the freedom of her then boyfriend Caiden. Amalie takes the burden of the accident on herself and feels that she does not deserve any happiness or good in her life. Caiden plays this as much as he can with Amalie. He is a manipulator and knows all of the buttons to push with Amalie to upset her and break her down.

Music is Amalie’s escape from her torment and she gets an offer to tour and play with a Country singer, Scarlett. She finds herself in more trouble because Scarlett’s ex-boyfriend is out to hurt them both. Amalie and Scarlett are being protected by the Iron Fury MC after they were attacked by Treyton, Scarlett’s ex. Amalie meets Malakai, the president of Iron Fury, and they both feel an attraction to each other quickly.

I read this book pretty quickly. The pages turned easily and quickly, too quickly. I hated for the book to end, but I was pleased with the ending. I think I need to go and read “Whiskey Burning” now. I want to read all of Maverick and Scarlett’s story. Great Job, I give this book a 5 star rating. A beautiful love story between two very different people.

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