ARC Review of “The Heart of the Matter”, by P Nelson @HGRomanceDeals

Eric is a Dom without a permanent sub. He’s interested in Lilith, and has played with her and her Dom, Gaige, but she is really only interested in Master Gaige. Eric is approached by Calla, the resident shrink at The Cage, and asked to train a new sub who wants to get into the life style. Eric reluctantly agrees to train her, but only because Calla pretty much badgered him into it.

Elizabeth wants to get into the BDSM lifestyle and worked two jobs and saved her money to gain the membership for herself and her boyfriend, Jerry. They joined The Cage as a couple to go through the Dom/sub training, but Jerry decided he wanted a sexier looking sub to work with, so he broke up with Elizabeth . What he didn’t know was that as a single Dom, he would go through a different training, and it would not be with a sub.

Elizabeth is paired up with Eric for a month of training. The training is going well and they are beginning to make a connection and find a good place in their pairing, until Jerry decides he wants Elizabeth back and threatens everything in her world. This threat creates a train reaction of events that could end in a real tragedy, and it could also ruin the relationship that is building between Elizabeth and Eric.

This book kept me wanting to turn the pages. The twists in the book kept me from wanting to put the book down. I hated for it to end though. I enjoyed reading Elizabeth and Eric’s story. I love a man with a deep voice, and when Elizabeth described Eric’s voice and how it made her shiver, I was hooked. The characters in this story and series are great. The fact that they are like a family and help each other out is great.

The men in this series are Hot Alpha’s who take care of the women they love and will go to any length to make sure that they are safe. If they fail, it would crush them. I give this story a 4.5 star rating.


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