A Review of “Fire or Ice”, by S. J. Mullins

I agreed to read a copy of this ARC in return for an honest review. Ava and James have a lot to over come before they can get their HEA. Their lives are very different when they first meet as teens and they plan to be together when Ava finishes school. They plan to keep in touch until she can move to Tampa to be with James, but after awhile James, decides that he needs to keep Ava safe from his family and not bring her into his world, of riches because he is afraid that his father will be too rough on her. She is crushed, but moves on and finds a life for herself in Chicago, until her childhood friend calls her and asks for her professional help to help one of his good friends and clients. When she arrives in Tampa she finds out that the person she is there to help is James. James and Ava finally work things out and they find their way back to each other after a lot of work and drama.
This was a really good book and I hated to put it down once I started reading it. The story was interesting and it kept me wondering what was going to happen to James and Ava as well as Caleb, Amanda, Derek, and Charlie.

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